Cupid in a Dairy Truck

The universe has an interesting way of putting people in our lives and connecting us.  We never know when we meet someone new how that person will alter the course of our life, if at all. 

Every once in a while, someone comes along who completely changes life as we know it.  He or she may become a friend, a business acquaintance, or perhaps even a partner in life. 

We might be introduced to that person by a friend, sit next to them on an airplane, or they might be sitting at a desk when the elevator doors open.  We simply never know. 

And then, there are my parents, who just celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary on 8 February.   My father was my mom’s milk man – no shit.  That makes for a great story – because it’s true. 

As Dad tells it, he was driving a route for Banquet Dairy and was looking for new accounts.  He saw Mom in the window and knocked on the door.  He got a new customer, eventually asked her on a date and the rest is history. 

Five children, eight grandchildren, six houses, a dog, a couple cats, and countless vacations and holidays – all spanning a half century. 

Although not exactly Leave It To Beaver, I had a relatively storybook upbringing – all engineered by the Clyde and the Martha.  And while I might not have selected some of life’s variables – most notably my illness – all things being equal, I wouldn’t change a thing. 

They are extraordinary parents and an awesome team.  Clyde – the quintessential provider and figure of stability, stoic, man of few words with unflappable integrity.  Martha – hausfrau extraordinaire, resourceful, efficient, structured, organized, and more energetic than a Tasmanian devil. 

Thank God for Clyde and Martha.  And thank God for Banquet Dairy. 

Today is St. Valentine’s Day.  If it hasn’t happened for you yet, don’t’ be surprised if cupid strikes when you least expect it.  That’s usually when it happens.  Just ask my parents. 

Just an observation.

…And so it goes…
Peace be with you,

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4 Responses to “Cupid in a Dairy Truck”

  1. Deette Durbin says:

    Such a perfect Valentine’s Day story–and a perfect love story. So fitting for today. L, D.

  2. Brenda Aldorisio says:

    Great story, Jim.

  3. Tracy says:

    Gives me hope …that the next great love of my life is right around the corner. Happy Valentines Day Jimmy

  4. Alexander7 says:

    Need cheap generic LEVITRA?…

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